Environmental legislation is complex and very strict. Analysis and frequent inspections of all activities i likely to affect the integrity or cause contamination of the same is required.

It counts with the most advanced analytical techniques and extensive experience in using them.

Laboratorio Biosalud staff has high technical competence, together with its “know how”, allow you to deliver innovative solutions with high quality and maintaining competitive prices for our customers.


Type of services:

  • Analysis of water for human consumption (RD 140/2003)
  • Analysis of Inland Waters
  • Initial analysis of uptake and springs
  • Irrigation water analysis
  • Pool Water analysis (RD742 / 2013)
  • Bathing water analysis
  • Legionella control analysis (RD 865/2003)
  • Bottled water analysis (RD 1798/2010)
  • Analysis of wastewater and leachate
  • Analysis of reclaimed water (RD 1620/2007)
  • Control of water treatment facilities
  • Discharge control as authorized by simple pouring or integrated
  • Flow measurement
  • In situ measurements
  • Soil analysis
  • Analysis of sewage sludge for agricultural use
  • Analysis of Compost
  • Analysis Gasóleos
  • Performing Manual of drinking water management
  • Protocol Implementation of self-pools
  • Output Management: SINAC
  • Technical assistance in purification systems.
  • Interpretation of analytical results, reporting, monitoring and annual summaries
  • Inspection discharges
  • Agricultural preliminary status reports and additional contaminated soils (RD 9/2005)

For any other services please contact us, we will help you.