Food is the country with the highest safety and quality requirements, for obvious reasons.

Why food companies have to have a partner laboratory to provide them, through the expertise of this and the ongoing support, security and confidence in their production processes or services.

Laboratorio BIOSALUD specialists has to collaborate with its customers in finding unique solutions in the continuous improvement of processes and products.

Type of services:

  • Raw material analysis
  • Product analysis prepared
  • Precooked analysis
  • Analysis of Honey
  • Oil Analysis
  • Analysis of Wines and Spirits
  • Analysis of dairy products
  • Analysis of meat and meat products
  • Analysis of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Feed Analysis
  • Analysis of Hops
  • Surface hygiene controls and Environment
  • Analysis of medicinal plants
  • Sensory analysis
  • Nutritional composition
  • Allergens
  • Contaminants and additives
  • Study useful product life
  • Design and implementation of systems of self-control (HACCP)
  • Development of plans of previous pre-hygiene requirements and traceability to HACCP
  • Information and advice allergen labeling (Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011)
  • Product design chips.
  • Design of general hygiene plans (P.G.H.)
  • Product design chips.
  • Implementation of traceability systems.
  • Advice on food legislation
  • Technical and health advice.
  • Making Good Hygienic Practices Manuals industries
  • Implementation of traceability systems.
  • RD 265/2008: List Marco registered for export of meat and meat products establishments

For any other services please contact us, we will help you.