El Bierzo is listed as one of the oldest regions of Spain. Its geographical location is characterized by land border between the plateau and the neighboring Galicia. Surrounded by mountains that serve as a natural border, in the center the largest economic and industrial activities. The so-called “berciana basin” is crossed by different paths: the old national sixth, the current A-6 motorway, the historic Camino de Santiago, the flow rate of the different rivers (Sil, Boeza, Valcarce, Burbia, Cua, …). The exploitation of natural resources such as iron, coal or shale, is an important source of income. Different companies set their headquarters in the region, captivated by its beauty and its special climatic and geographical conditions. Camponaraya is a thriving town formed by the towns of Camponaraya, Narayola, Magaz de Abajo, Hervededo and The Válgoma. A total of nearly 4,000 residents make up its population, one of the municipalities poblacionalmente that has increased over the past five years in the region of El Bierzo. Its strategic location allows you to be well connected to the coast and the plateau, so many industries have located their headquarters in nearby industrial areas, taking into account respect for the natural environment around them.

Las Médulas